Steel break bulk transport
without compromises

Bulk steel from anywhere to everywhere

We get every steel break bulk product to its destination. No matter its location, the segment, import or export, no matter size or weight, we deliver. And we have been doing so for the past 30 years.

So, sure, you can call us steel maniacs.

That is how you know our straightforward approach for steel break bulk shipment works. At Aneka, we know how to combine transparency, agility, speed and safety with a personal approach.

International break bulk services for steel

As a specialist in shipping oversized steel goods for 30+ years, we offer
a wide variety of services dedicated to steel breakbulk transport.

We handle all steel break bulk cargo

It's simple: we handle all steel cargo, no matter the complexity, the sector or the location. In many cases our custom, alternative approach is ideally suited to successfully transport highly complicated steel shipments.

As true steel maniacs, we welcome the full range of possible steel products, finished and semi-finished. These include: coils, flat steel, plates, pipes and tubes, slabs, rolls, ...