Global project cargo services

Agile and personal, whatever the load

Some may consider this the difficult kind of logistics; for us, it's business as usual. It's the kind of business we love, of the challenging kind. Not that we treat your cargo in a business-as-usual way: every project cargo gets the unique approach it needs, custom developed by our team of specialists.

Complete project cargo management

With over 30 years of experience in handling cargo with extreme dimensions or weight in a wide variety of sectors, it's safe to say we know what we do. Not convinced? Ask Siemens, MAN, Linde or Technip - just to name a few - why they prefer Aneka. You might hear the words 'no-nonsense' and 'straightforward'.

Full project cargo handling services

As far as your exceptional cargo is concerned, you work with exceptional people at Aneka. In the course of our 30+ years as logistics experts, we have developed a full range of project cargo handling services.

Straightforward in special cargo handling

As a neutral player we guarantee you the best approach for your project cargo. Our teams develop the matching strategy for every new assignment independently. Built on years of extensive expertise in shipping, handling, storage and follow-up in many oil & gas, mining and energy projects, you know your project cargo is in good hands with us.

It has allowed us to develop a worldwide network you can directly benefit from. Think best internal governance, controls, solid relationships, transparency, respect. And last but not least: absolute safety.